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Each quick-read, softcover book is easily read in under an hour.

Leader Lions and the Hunt for Team Excel
Leaders. Lions and the Hunt for Team Excellence

ISBN 9-781691-064922

Hot off the press, our newest book is as bold and energizing as its cover. This is professional development you can sink your teeth into. 

Lions have taught humans about teamwork for thousands of years. Our ancestors watched and learned how big cats planned, adapted and executed the hunt while maintaining strong unit bonds. These well-honed instincts allow lions to dominate their environment and provide a blueprint for applying them to ours.

Leaders are always looking for creative ways to improve teamwork and achieve more. This book fuses the lion’s secrets of success with real-world leadership challenges that organizations face every day. The result is a fast-paced storyline offering practical insights into developing a more effective, productive and cohesive team. It is an ideal resource for professionals and organizations wanting to sharpen leadership skills and promote high performance.

Conquering Adversity book cover.jpg
Conquering Adversity

ISBN 0-9746403-8-7

Get ready to be inspired!  “Conquering Adversity” is an experience that will prepare you to face even the most serious change, challenge or setback. Its true-life message of the hero inside each of us has inspired tens of thousands of people.


Against a backdrop of tragic adversity, Novak offers six strategies - affirmation, expectation, communication, locomotion, collaboration and celebration - that help us excel in (and out of) the workplace. 

This has been our best-selling book for years. It is powerful in a way few books can claim. Give a copy to your team when they need a boost or send a copy to family or friends to help them through even the toughest struggles. 

"Absolutely amazing! Personally inspiring and professionally motivating. I am ordering a copy for everyone in my region." - Karen W. Regional Vice President​

Lead Like a Pirate cover.jpg
Lead Like a Pirate!

ISBN-10:  0-9798009-1-9

Learning the secrets to effective team leadership has never been more fun then with this beautifully illustrated book set in the golden age of pirates! Sail with Captain Tiger-Eye Taylor as he shares his secrets on Captain, Crew, Mission, Strategy and Treasure - the keys to transforming bands of buccaneers into high performing legends of teamwork.


A must-read resource for every front-line leader, it's the perfect tool for sparking serious discussion on what it takes to turn diversity into strength, speed into advantage and heart into leadership. Give your Captains and Crews something to cheer about with this themed-learning gem!

“A thoroughly enjoyable experience that teaches valuable lessons on leadership and teamwork – a great tool to use in team-building!” –John C., Treasurer & Director of Administration

Inspired to Lead book cover.JPG
Inspired to Lead

ISBN: 978-1-935537-69-4

Skill without motivation is like a Ferrari with no gas … so consider this book fuel for your leadership journey! Its fusion of information and inspiration can propel you and your team forward through even the most challenging times. Here is a unique collection of powerful, true-life stories – and their leadership lessons – that offer the acceleration of inspiration.


This book transforms 12 real-world sagas into a dozen teachable moments that can make you a more effective leader or spark a professional development dialogue with your team. Enjoy a rare resource that leaves you refreshed, empowered and INSPIRED TO LEAD!

Inspired to Succeed book cover.JPG
Inspired to Succeed

ISBN 10: 1885228929

Success is often the collision of an ordinary moment and an unyielding motivation.  Inspiration transforms simple events into memorable milestones. Our challenge as leaders is not only to recognize those exceptional moments but also to distill from them valuable insight on how to sharpen our skills, inspire our team and create the results we need. This book does both by showcasing 12 extraordinary experiences and sharing the leadership lessons from each. 


The stories are intentionally brief and the commentary purposely concise.  The perspectives offered are there to spark discussion, not end it. Here is every professional’s roadmap to extraordinary success. Use it to develop a team or motivate yourself because it promises to leave you Inspired to Succeed!

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