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In How To Think Like A CEO and Act Like A Leader: Practical Insights for Performance & Results!, author and businessman Michael Andrew dissects key strategies of successful leadership in the CEO arena. Using practical examples of day-to-day interpersonal and leadership behaviors, he provides insights that apply to anyone who wants to be more effective in dealing with people. With astonishing clarity, each chapter builds off of each other to address specific, relevant leadership insights. With a broad scope and clear language, the author introduces clues on interpersonal skills and how to surround one's self with smart people, all the while magnifying the manner and performance skills that distinguish successful business leaders. Going beyond the acumen of business, these pages are filled with commonsense knowledge and introduce the importance of strategy execution, which will always make the difference in becoming an effective leader who gets results.

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​​​Michael F Andrew

Global Talent & Leadership Development Executive

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The Relevance and Practical Value of HR to Business Performance & Results.


The Greatest Leader He Ever Saw

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